The Commodore, the Board of Directors, the members and everyone involved with our historical club, take particular pleasure in warmly welcoming all participants to the 2020 Laser Senior Europeans Championship and Trophy!

It is true that this year’s event is taking place under trying and unprecedented circumstances for the whole world, the duration, repercussions and final outcome of which are as yet unpredictable. Greece however, through early actions and mass social responsibility managed to remain overall a safe destination, with low viral footprint. We are all determined and equipped to keep it safe and enjoyable for you all.

Ourselves and our staff and volunteers have been busy working hard and making sure that our uniquely situated and fully-equipped installations and infrastructure are presented to you in such a way that you enjoy a memorable race, in the safest and most pleasant environment possible, snugly fit in the sunny and friendly Aegean Sea.

On behalf of the

Nautical Club of Kalamaki

Dr-Ing. George Christopoulos

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